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Industrial mixers and mixing tanks of all sizes, designs and materials of construction are found in production facilities around the world that specialize in liquid and liquid-based products.  Chemicals, food and beverage products, paints and adhesives are just a few of the diverse industries that utilize mixers and tanks for daily production.  The design and utilization of tank mixers are nearly as diverse as the products they help produce.  Batch production can be small or large, infrequent or continual, simple or complex and the demands on the equipment vary from light-duty to extreme.  

Industrial tank mixer designs exist for many tank configurations including small portable open-top, large fixed location open-top, closed-top and sanitary sealed pressurized vessels.  A variety of mixer mounting methods are needed to address the full range of tank mixing applications.  Clamp mount mixers are a common design used for small-scale and portable processes using open top-tanks or covered tanks with lids slotted for the mixer shafts.  Heavy duty clamp mount and economy clamp mount mixers easily attach by hand to a mixer stand or mounting bracket located adjacent to the tank.  Their relative simplicity and economic price points make them popular and versatile favorites.  Furthermore, the clamps offer the potential for adjustment of the impeller’s position making the clamp style mixer a versatile option for more than one application.

Larger, more permanently anchored tanks call for increased rigidity against higher forces from agitation.  There are several options available for these installations.  Mixers are commonly mounted on structures spanning the tops of vessels.  For these types of arrangements top mount mixers or plate mount mixers are effective choices.  Top mount mixer and plate mount mixer designs utilize the gearbox mounting bracket or an added mounting plate for simple attachment to crossbeams or other structures.  Many closed-top or sealed tanks feature ANSI flange or tri-clamp® mounts.  ANSI flange mixers rigidly attach to tanks using one of several standard plumbing flange sizes with a bolt circle.  ANSI flange mixer mounts are common in both sealed and non-sealed mixing applications.  They are available without seals, with simple lip seals, or with more sophisticated mechanical seals. 

Similar to ANSI flanges, tri-clamp® flanges provide a rigid mount on tanks equipped with them.  Utilizing two machined faces and a special gasket fitted to grooves in both halves, a clamp ring forces the halves together and compresses the gasket.  A format favored by the pharmaceutical, biomedical and cosmetics industries, tri-clamp® mixers are most frequently manufactured with more stainless steel or epoxy-coated mechanical components than those used for more industrial products.  Mechanical seals, impellers welded to the shaft and polished surface finishes are common features of these mixers.

Another format that lends itself to mixing in drums or tanks is the lift mixer.  Rather than mounting directly to or above a single vessel, the lift mixer facilitates the processing of multiple batches with one mixer.  A pneumatic lift system raises and lowers the drive head, shaft and impeller such that a tank can be located beneath the mixer.  Mounting rigidity is provided by a base plate anchored to the facility floor for large units or to a work table for smaller benchtop models.  Tanks are held in place during operation with a bracket and strap or chain mechanism.   Lift mixers are generally gear-driven and often used for higher viscosity applications but can be adapted for lower viscosities through impeller selection.

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We have been in business for over 30 years serving the processing mixing requirements of thousands of companies. Our specialty is small and medium size mixers for batch sizes up to 5000 gallons. We keep a large stock of component parts, and as a result can fill 95% of orders within 2 working days. Along with our full line of industrial mixing products, we can engineer fully custom modified mixing systems that meet your full specifications.

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